Scania allows operators to monitor vehicle and driver performance to help achieve

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Scania lets operators take control of their fleet with revolutionary Fleet Management System. Scania Fleet Management is a set of services that connects the vehicles to one’s office. The service helps identify an use the key details need such as vehicle data, fuel consumption, fleet position and driver performance (coasting, heavy braking, speeding or idling) that will help increase the productivity of the fleet, achieve fuel economy and eventually reduce the cost of operations. It puts clear and useful information that helps reduce the cost of operations. It puts clear and use full information that helps operators better understand how their fleet is performing and what is costing money.

“The good news is all new Scania trucks that are being sold in the country come pre-installed with the Scania Communicator telematics unit. This device regularly collects, saves, sends and receives information for analysis and presentation on the Scania Fleet Management portal or through the Scania.

Scania Fleet Management app that can be downloaded for free. Operators just need to activate the service in order for them to be able to connect to their fleet’s data,” said Leilani Lim-Tan, Vice President fof BJ Mercantile, Inc., the local distributor of Scania.

Scania Fleet Management consist of two different service packages: Monitoring and Control.

Monitoring Package

The Scania Fleet Management Monitoring Package is an easy-to-use service that puts operators on the right track to improving their fleets. They will receive weekly email summaries covering all their vehicles on vital information such as Fuel Consumption, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and driving behaviors. From these they can see at a glance how each vehicle is performing and which ones need special attention.

They can also access the Sania Fleet Management portal to manage their service planning. Service Planning and Remote Diagnostics provides an overview of all the equipment in the fleet, along with their maintenance plans, including a calendar for keeping track of maintenance and repairs. When a vehicle is scheduled for repair through the FMS portal, parts for replacement can already be prepared in advance thereby reducing downtime. The workshop only uses Scania genuine parts to lessen breakdown risks.

Control Package

The Control Package in an advanced set of services that help fleet owners utilize vehicle and driver follow-ups and operational information to support their transport process. Apart from the benefits of the Monitoring Package, they can also access additional useful information and functions including Driver Evaluation, Vehicle Evaluation, Fuel Report, Events Report, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Position, Environmental Report and a Messaging Service for quick and easy communication.

Scania Driver Services

A good driving style saves fuel, reduces vehicle wear and helps prevent accident on the road boosting road safety and reducing vehicle downtime. Scania offers a driver training program to show driver how to drive more economical and more safely which in turn have a positive impact on profitability and have a significant on reducing emissions. And with Driver Evaluation faction of the Control Package, operators can regularly check on their drivers’ driving style to identify areas of improvement.

Satisfied Clients 

The Scania Fleet Management System is already being used by a number of fleet operators in the country.

“The Scania system gives you more in-depth knowledge of your vehicles and driver performance,” said Mr. Benzon Rosete, Managing Director, Best Geo-Carrier.

“The fuel performance per vehicle is very useful to us especially with regards to the handling of the vehicle’s transmission, the active detection of vehicle problems/faults, maintenance notification as well as real-time monitoring of their fuel load and other parameters crucial n journey. The driver performance data helps us assess driver skills as well as set benchmarks and gauge driver performance across our entire fleet. Scania Driver support is being used together with our Driver Management Team to coach drivers in the way they handle our Scania vehicles,” said Mr. Luigi Teola, Technical Manager, Great Sierra Development Corporation.

For more information about Scania, you may visit Scania’s showroom located at 1132 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City.